Get a framework, tools, and tips to manage projects successfully. You’ll learn:

  • 7 key elements of a great project plan
  • 3 great ways to generate ideas and solutions
  • 6 free software programs that can make all the difference
  • 11 ways to use emotional intelligence to finish your project on time and on budget

Bring a project idea that you’d like to develop, either for your business or personally. You’ll leave with a great start to your plan! What sort of project idea? A project has a beginning and an end, is time-limited, and usually has budget. It could be creating a new service or product, updating or building a website, planning a major trip, doing a renovation, launching a marketing blitz, or any number of other things—something big that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had a chance to get to; complex, worth investing planning time in; one that will really make a difference to your business and your life.

Charlene Wallace, Project Management Professional, of Operations Plus, is passionate about efficiency, growth, and better ways of doing business. A global thinker with nuts and bolts practicality, she’s worked in mission-focused organizations for 30 years. She uses an Appreciative Inquiry approach to her work in operations, management, team building, human resources, and systems development.

Charlene Wallace